New Best Luxury Blog online?

New Best Luxury Blog online?

There’s been a lot of buzz recently about a new best luxury blog online!

We’ve seen plenty of amazing luxury blogs come and go but none of them with a such a fast increase in viewership like the one in question.

Along the way many of these websites have been deserted and left to chance and we were really pleased to see a new trend setter online.

With plenty of media coverage and being a google partner is outranking experienced competitors by providing fresh new content to the masses.

Although new in the business, just went over the 1 year mark, the website managed to keep publishing and innovating.

The new look is crispier than the one before and it most definitely helps considering their really fast.

Diamonds, watches, cars, boats, fashion trends for both men and women, this website has it all! Recently breaking into the net worth space is outranking old websites through the quality of the content.

I’ve never seen a more dedicated team trying to take luxury blogging to another level than I have with the guys at

I’ve spent a few days with the founder a few weeks ago and I can say great things are about to happen to this website and it most definitely is worth to keep an eye out for.

best luxury blog online

What is the Best Luxury Website online?

What is the Best Luxury Website online?

Although there are plenty of online resources the best luxury website online we’ve came across is

With a wide range of luxury related articles the guys from ealuxe seem to be one of the main competitors of already established niche sites.

Made famous by its World’s Most Expensive category, the website grew more and more, now being one of the main places to get your luxury mojo on.

Offering the latest information available, with a dedicated team, the blue crown slowly but steady is taking over the luxury industry!

Best luxury Blog Online

Best luxury Blog Online

People have always been fascinated with luxury and the things celebrities spend their hard earned cash on. Starting with luxury cars that are worth millions of dollars to the most expensive yachts and their billionaire owners this website offers all.

We’ve grown used to spammy websites just reposting what other people publish and we were pleased to see that this is not the situation Ealuxe is in.

The founder Emil Anton has plenty of experience in this niche running one of the most popular luxury tumblr blogs. For a long period of time was the go to destination on tumblr for premium luxury content up until the point he decided to go pro.

We strongly recommend it as a prime quality content source!

Meet Bill Gates the richest man in the world!

How often did you wonder who is the richest man in the world? Probably a lot! I know I do!

So it was really awesome to see that Bill Gates is once again the richest man in the entire world!

Although he was no stranger to the #1 in this ranking Bill Lost his position only due to charitable activities by donating big lumps of his fortune to research and development in poor countries.

Once of the most respected entrepreneurs of all time, Bill Gates has grown to be come an iconic figure that is said to stand the face of time!

As it is mentioned in the interview, Bill has always managed to stay one step ahead of the technology curve and it just seems that he might be right this time also.

The website ranks Warren Buffett as the second wealthiest man in the world!

Before we move further with our indepth look at the richest man in the world we need to acknowledge everything he’s giving back to society being part of a select group of individuals that pledged to give half of their entire fortune to charity upon retirement!


Bill and Buffet are both members of this pledge and we’re proud to have this type of individuals as part of our society!

How much is Kanye West worth?

If you were wondering what is kanye west net worth 2014, we’re here to provide the answer!

Yeezus, as he’s been calling himself lately has been putting away quite a fortune in the recent years and we can see why.

As a fashion trends setter, music innovator and one of the most controversial artists in the last 7 years, Kanye West has conquered the music industry!

Ranked by as the 12th richest rapper in the world he surely knows how to live.


Self-proclaimed many things all of which have led to increase album sales and his asking price for live performances this guy knows how to work a crowd and put up a show.

Many times compared to Lady GaGa in his performances Kanye has a fleet of raving fans that will follow him to the end of the world.

Sponsorships among many things have led to this amazing increase in net worth and personal fortune!

In the past couple of years he grew from a humble music producer making beats for some of the best know artists in the rap industry to being one of the most influential figures in the music industry.

His friendship with rap mogul Jay Z only helped boost his sky rocketing towards global success!

How much is Kanye west worth and what net worth

This concludes this article about Kanye and his uprising to tremendous wealth!

How much is Miley Cyrus worth these days?

As a financial website we need to take a look at what celebrities are worth these days so it seemed natural to start with a Miley Cyrus Net Worth 2014 profile!

Miley is one of the most prominent artists of the 21st century and she’s clearly been in the eye of the media in the recent months. As of 2014 Miley’s net worth has exploded!

Miley Cyrus Net Worth 2014:

$155 Million

When you’re making that much money in the music industry it’s easy to get a few haters but they don’t really matter when you’re making a fortune out of their attention span.

Getting on Tv as often as she does we have to agree to that said “she knows how to work the attention in her favor and how to monetize it!”

Miley has been a musical phenomenon and we only expect her net worth to go up with the months that follow!

Although she stated as Hannah Montana for Disney, she’s left everything related to that persona behind making a dent into the Disney super-stars history. Both Britney and Justin Timberlake have been products of the massive entertainment factory that Disney represents and are still around these days.

If she doesn’t screw up in a big manner we can expect year after year to see her stacking more and more millions on the personal portfolio.

From a financial standpoint we would advise Miley to put some more in a few more tech start-ups that she’s currently doing, increasing her chances of becoming one of the first women in music industry to rack in a billion!

How much is miley cyrus worth 2014?

That concludes our article on the financial situation of the hottest singer of the moment!

Where do rich people go in vacation

Rich people always seem to enjoy the best vacation spots world-wide so why not share those destinations with you guys! After long research we came up with what seems to be the top 10 proffered luxury destinations for the wealthiest people in the world.

where do rich people go in vacation (2)

where do rich people go in vacation (2)

Rich people choose these destinations based on several factors such as weather, how popular the destination is (how crowded will it be while they’re gonna be there), what type of activities are available, the quality of the food or sometimes the classical just how awesome the beach is.

where do rich people go in vacation (1)

where do rich people go in vacation (1)

So Where do rich people go in vacation?

Well, our study shows that the top 10 destinations for rich people are the following:

10. French Polynesia

Exotic, hot and away makes the French Polynesia one of the top 10 choises

9. England

Although you might not visit for the weather England is a must-visit on anyone’s list.

8. Greece

Greece is like a piece of heaven, with the crystal blue waters amazing food, relax is the buzzword!

7. The Caribbean

Romance, relaxation and adventure characterize this place perfectly

6. South Africa

The weather is nice and as an exotic destination it’s worth the time!

5. France

Mostly for fine food and excellent wine!

4. Ireland

A lot of history blended with a perfect bar hopping experience!

3. New Zealand

Prices are low, not that it’s gonna be a problem, but you get to experience luxury without breaking the bank!

2. Italy

Because of its amazing culture and extraordinary food!

1. Australia

Because it’s awesome scenery, plenty of events, exotic food and experience and kangaroos.

Why don’t you just get rich and experience these places?

That ends our article on the preferred destinations of the worlds riches people! Make sure you check out the rest of the amazing articles posted here weekly! Please share with your friends!